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Our Wicked Tornado

Our Wicked Tornado

I was in LA working this week and I got a text from Steve that said, “I have good news and bad news…”

It’s a game we play.

He goes on, “Good news is we have had alternating days of sunshine and rain and you won’t believe how much your garden has grown!”

“The bad news is that we had something like mini tornados hit today and one picked up your shed – Wizard of Oz style – and dropped it down by the lake and it’s totally wrecked.”

For some reason, I found this hysterical.  I said, “Oh my god.  I know this maybe isn’t supposed to be funny.  But, it totally cracked me up.”

Steve said, “It’s like a crime scene down there.  Me and Justin went down to clean it up for you and realized that we’re going to need reinforcements.  We’re going to wait for Nathan and Andrew to help.”

I asked for pictures.  He said, “Ok, but remember that you asked for this…”

“Where your shed used to be…”

Notice the wood that was stacked behind and right up against the shed (that is now missing) is still neatly stacked and completely undisturbed.  I guess the tornado was extremely specific in what it was after.

And, “Where your shed lives now…”

I haven’t been home yet, so I don’t know how far that shed was relocated.  But, I am in complete awe of the whole thing.

I said, “Oh my god.  Is there a witch under there?”

I told the story to my team at work and someone said, “It didn’t land on Carrie did it?”  I hope you realize that they weren’t really expressing concern for me as much as joking that I am the Wicked Witch of the Midwest.  They don’t think I’m evil exactly.  They just think I am really powerful, that I can read minds, command the weather, tame savage beasts (most of them CEOs), and make magic happen that they can’t understand.  Oh, and I’m always whipping up a caldron (it’s really just an amazing Le Creuset stock pot) of soup or offering some remedy for the things that they’re suffering over.

The random coincidence, if you believe in those things, was that I was wearing these shoes that day…

There is a small part of me that wonders if that tornado was after me and my ruby red shoes.  It has caused me to reflect on all the other “Wizard of Oz” parallels that we are currently living with including my apple orchard and “my little dog, too.”  I’ll keep an eye out for flying monkeys.

In the meantime, Steve and the kids are trying to do damage control on my shed. For any of you who wonder why it’s “my shed” and not anyone else’s is because I insisted that I needed a little shed to keep our “lawn toys” in. It was filled with a bunch of fun outdoor lawn toys and games including croquet, giant lawn chess, corn hole, horse shoes, and a volleyball net.  I have no idea how all my lawn games fared in the relocation.  I hope my croquet set isn’t ruined.  We have been having such a good time playing croquet!

I couldn’t get any buy in from the family to build my “Toy Shed”, so I bought a kit on Amazon.  Steve and I spent a whole day just a couple of weeks ago putting it together.  It was a fun little project and I was proud of my cute little shed.  This is what it looked like before it tried to learn to fly.  I guess anchoring it to the ground is something that we probably should have taken more seriously.


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  1. OMG! That kind of sucks. Your brand new cute shed. Did that shed come with a wind warning? Another Midwest learning experience. Ha!

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