An Adventure in Rural Living

Our Story

Recombobulated is the story of our family’s adventure in rural living just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

My name is Carrie Kish.  I am a leadership consultant.  I travel all over the place giving keynotes, teaching courses, leading executive retreats, coaching awesome people on how to be more awesome, and trying to stay connected to my family and friends in between. I am an enthusiastic chef and an avid reader, and I am always up for a ridiculous adventure.

My husband, Steve, is also a consultant – a different kind – one that travels even more than I do.  He is a passionate guitar player, a recovering runner (bad knees), and has studied martial arts his whole life.

Somehow, our four sons ended up living in four different states:  California, Arizona, Wisconsin, and New York. Nathan and Hannah live near Madison, Wisconsin with their new son, Harrison James, and their awesome dog, Zeus.  Nathan is a mechanical engineer and a maintenance manager for Purina.  Hannah is a new mommy who helps veterans navigate their financial aid at Madison Area Technical College.   Justin and Josephine live in Vista, California.  Justin is a motorcycle mechanic and enthusiast who does MMA during his free time.  Josephine is a Marine.  They will be relocating to Wisconsin with us in March 2019.  Andrew is an aeronautical engineering student at Embry Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona.  He is a busy dungeon master who leads multiple games of Dungeons & Dragons every week. Dylan is a business student at Fordham University in the Bronx, New York.   He and Josephine are Starbucks buddies and will be finding or opening a Starbucks near us soon.

While my life is full of great work and wonderful adventures, it also feels busy, full, and sometimes disconnected.  We’ve been craving all kinds of different ways to reconnect with each other, our kids, and our roots.  We’ve been longing for a place to run away to and have an adventure in living.

This is our story about getting recombobulated.