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Mom’s “Challenge”

Mom’s “Challenge”

My mom, Carrie– hereafter referred to as “Mom” or”Mother” in my posts– asked me to start helping her write on the family blog.  Most parents asking for help would encourage their kids and explain the purpose behind the project they want to involve their kids in like bringing the family closer, immortalizing our adventure, etc. Or they might just bribe them. But, my mother went straight for the kill and told me I probably couldn’t figure it out since WordPress is complex and she has been doing it for years and isn’t sure I could figure it out without help.  Thus, she virtually guaranteed that I would get online and start posting immediately. I suppose raising four stubborn boys for the past two dozen years teaches you a little bit about getting people to do what you want.

Anyway, here I am. We’ll see how technically successful this post ends up being. Hopefully the skills required to complete four years of engineering school, robotics, coding in four different programming languages, and building your own computer intersect with being able to use an online platform and figuring out how to bold text. Good luck me.

I’ll pull the reins in a bit on the rant and introduce my immediate family.  I’m Nathan, Carrie and Steve’s oldest son. I went to school for mechanical engineering and have spent the last five years moving around the United States for Purina doing project management. Most recently, I have moved into people leadership and run the maintenance department for a cat food factory.

Hannah is my wife of five years and has been moving around with me for my career. She spent the last few years completing her masters degree in educational leadership and working for different colleges around the country helping college students with their financial aid.

Harrison is our two month old son who is incredible, amazing, cute, smart as can be…and sleeps nowhere near the “average” 15-17 hours a newborn is supposed to.  I guess he spends all that time awake learning how to use his hands, roll over, and giggling. Hannah is blown away that Harrison is checking the developmental boxes for things a four month old would do. I’m not surprised. If you tallied up the time he spends awake, he has probably clocked more time awake than the “average” four month old.

One thing is for sure though, nobody has ever come across a Kish in the past 100 years and walked away thinking about the encounter as “average”.  I’ll back that statement up by reminding you that you are reading a blog about an urban family who isn’t sure if we should start a pork empire and not because we are worried about it being successful. We could probably open a lemonade stand that did seven-figure, international business. We’re simply not sure because we haven’t figured out if we want a pork empire or not.

That feels like plenty for now. Goodnight Wisconsin!

Nathan Kish, Current Favorite Son

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  1. And he is a creative writer. Nice blog Nathan. Your mom should be happy. Or perhaps afraid where your next story may lead!

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